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What is a typical consultation

The right diagnosis is the first step in successfully treating diseases of the digestive tract. At the GI surgery consultation you will have an appointment with me, Dr Mohan Samarasinghe.

The purpose of the consultation is to diagnose an existing condition and is typically the first step towards treatment. In order to do so, I will conduct and in-depth inquiry in to the disease and health history. you will be asked to discuss your personal health history as well as any incidence of cancer in your family. During this conversation, it will be important for you to know what medications you are currently taking, at what dosage, and for what conditions. It will be helpful for you to write down a list of your medications and bring it with you to show. If you have recently had any imaging studies performed, like an Xray, USS, CT scan, MRI Scan, it is very important to bring a copy of the study as well as the imaging report.

Then I will perform a clinical examination.

After reviewing your history, physical, and any lab tests or imaging studies you have brought with you, I will discuss your options with you and may request for some tests during the appointment.

On average, an initial consultation will last about 30 minutes.

Purpose of a clinical evaluation

  • Identify the root cause of their symptoms
  • Diagnose or confirm a previous diagnosis (in cases where patients are seeking a second opinion)
  • Enable the doctor to make a treatment plan
  • Address existing symptoms

What to bring to your consultation?

  • Review the following checklist to be sure that you bring everything that you will need to your appointment.
  • Health records such as clinic books, diagnosis cards
  • Past or recent Laboratory Tests
  • X-ray films USS, CT scan, MRI Scans and written reports and CDs/DVDs (if you already have any)
  • Referral, if you were sent to Dr Mohan by some other medical professional

Patient Registration

Optionally save time at your first consultation by printing and completing the registration form in advance. Registration Form. If you are no able to do so, don’t worry, we will provide that to you on arrival.