Patient Education

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Why is this important?

I do offer comprehensive patient education in conjunction with the consultation sessions or separately.

Why is this important?

Medical information pertaining to diseases, management and treatment which patients need to know contains complex medical jargon which makes them difficult to be understood by just reading or listening to them most of the time. Therefore, in many busy clinics and consultations, this is overlooked or done incompletely. Furthermore, the patients/clients are in various levels of understanding or already confused with half-baked information making the situation even more complicated and undesirable. Sometimes the effects of miscommunication is so grave that the meaning of the information given are either lost or understood in a completely incorrect way. is This is a one big hurdle in achieving clinical goals while collaborating patient, family, and other caregivers.

Understanding this problem and remedying this helps patients to achieve clinical endpoints and prevent unnecessary anxiety and need for frequent and urgent visits to the doctor. Therefore I spent quality time breaking down complex medical problems to simple interpretations without loosing the necessary meaning or gravity. These will be specially tailored to patient/client’s understanding hence avoiding medical jargon and technical information which most are not familiar with. Advance adjuncts such as audio visual guides are are also available to make the complex situation easier to understand. This will ensure maximum information transfer and will help in achieving clinical goals in the long run. Also, supportive further reading material can be proved if needed.