Conventional Open Surgeries

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Oncologically Sound Surgery

My execution of open surgical procedures will follow evidence based and time tested techniques with delicate tissue handling, in plane dissection coupled with superior understanding on the variable anatomy and and pathology.

This will result in optimally carried out surgical procedure with minimal collateral implications which means minimal complications, minimal side effects and faster recovery.

Oncologically Sound Surgery

In cancer surgery, I will stage the patient (and provide neoadjuatnt oncotherapy if indicated) prior to the surgery. If the stage is seemingly curative, I will proceed with curative resections obtaining proper margins and optimum lymph node clearance to achieve an oncologically sound excision which will provide the best five year survival rates for the patient.

If the stage of the disease is not allowing a curative resection, the best palliative options will be provided.

All decision making will be checked with the patient and a team of experts in multiple disciplineries involved in treating cancer patients.