Workshop on GIA Staplers at PGH Badulla

Workshop on GIA Staplers at PGH Badulla

GIA staplers are commonly used in many surgical specialities. The technology has come a long way hence changing the commonly held practices. Therefore its time for an update on re-familiarisation and correct use of GIA staplers and energy devices in surgery. 

Gastroenterological surgical unit of PGH Badulla with the guidance of Dr Mohan Samarasinghe (MBBS MD MRCS) conducted a workshop on this topic aiming operating doctors and theatre nursing staff on 19th Feb 2019 morning from 9.00am to 12pm.

Even was attended by about 50 nursing officers including matrons, nursing sisters and about 25 doctors including surgeons. Event was packed with hands-on sessions and awareness building exercises. Technical assistance was given by Covidien and Ceyoka. Mr Duminda from the country office of Covidien and Mr Sudantha from Ceyoka was actively participating as resource personnel and conducting the training.

Dr Mohan Samarasinghe further expanded on the energy devices and safety in using energy devices.

All the attendees were appreciated with a certificate of participation.